Sweet Bakery

For a confection from heaven stop by one of Sweet’s bakeries.  From a variety of incredible flavors such as a zesty Pink Lemonade, a nostalgic Blueberry Pancake, and a delicious Vegan Chocolate to their miniature counterparts this bakery can certainly satisfy your cupcake cravings.  And the icing on the cake?  Well it’s actually frosting.  For 50 cents you can purchase a frosting shot.  Pictured above (on the right), a frosting shot is perfect for all of us who want to envelop their tongue and fill their mouth with a creamy vanilla, chocolate, or cappuccino buttercream frosting without any pesky cake getting in the way.  They are ideal for the moment when you want just a taste of something sweet without eating an entire cupcake.  For a delicious cupcake or frosting shot, stop by one of Sweet’s several locations and give into your cupcake cravings.



(One of my personal favorites when I’m in a cupcake mood is the Dark Chocolate with sprinkles – pictured above)


The Whisper


With each turn and every crack in the wooden paneling, her eyes darted into the dark crevices.  An inky black bloomed on the other side of the wall.  Tightening her grip on the crumbling slip of paper clutched between her fingers, she tiptoed forwards.  As she took another step forward, she tripped over what appeared to be a small rock.  Upon further examination she discovered it was a piece of her sanity.  She looked forward and found another shard.  Following the pieces she picked them up and assembled them into their original form, but she couldn’t seem to find the last one.  She opened her palm and spread out the crinkled piece of paper, hoping to find the missing shard.  Instead she found a message scrawled out in her handwriting.  “When you listen to the whispers of your heart, your mind will be redirected in the pursuit your dreams.  Listen to the whispers.”

The Path

Stepping out of herself, her soul peeled off the constrictive layers of commitments, the restrictive layers of responsibilities, and tossed aside the weights that had been pressing her shoulders towards the ground.  Leaving those layers behind, she set out onto the shady path.  Accompanied by her worries, fears, and passions, she opened her eyes to the beauty surrounding her.  Pausing to take in a breath of fresh air, she opened the doors to her mind.  First came her worries, they marched into her mind and scaled the walls of her brain.  As they reached the top, they began to lose momentum.  With another exhale, the worries were eased and slipped out the door.  Next came her fears.  They busted through the doors and pointed their firearms at her hopes.  Without raising a finger, she allowed them to open fire.  Soon, her hopes were riddled with bullet holes, but they remained standing.  As she took another breath, the fears slinked out the back, their heads bowed and their weapons empty.  Last but not least, her passions entered her mind.  Closing the doors behind them, they began to fill her head with vibrant colors.  They swept up the shrapnel, dusted off the scuff marks, and began to incorporate her pain into a mural that coated her mind.  As she took another breath, the mural came to life and her mind was once again calm.  A smile appeared upon her face, her eyes sparkled, and she took another step along the quiet and peaceful path.

Fruit Salad

Always a favorite of mine, fruit salad is a fabulous midday snack.  I find that the true beauty of a fruit salad is that it can contain virtually any combination of any fruit.  I prefer to combine a citrus such as blood oranges, clementines, or grapefruit with bananas, strawberries, grapes, and some form of berry.  I’m partial to adding blueberries, raspberries and/or blackberries.  Adding pineapple or a melon, such as watermelon, to my salads also helps to contribute to the variety of flavors in the salad while adding bulk to the salad.  Moreover, when I’m looking to add a tangy flavor, I love to toss in some chopped green apple.  Additionally, on the days where I want something sweeter, I often pour a small amount of honey or maple syrup over the fruit and then swirl it into the salad.  What twist do you add to your fruit salad?

Your fellow fruit lover,

♥ Elle

Melted Chocolate

Looking for an afternoon pick-me-up?  Craving a sweet drink?  How about some melted chocolate?  In Harvard square, tucked down by the Anthropologie, sits a small café and chocolate shop officially named L.A. Burdick.  Referred to by the locals as Burdick’s, the café creates delicious hot chocolate from shavings of white, milk, or dark chocolate.  While I prefer the dark, the white hot chocolate is a great if you’re looking to mix it up and try something new.

Alongside their delectable hot chocolate, Burdick’s also sells their homemade chocolates (individually or by box) and delightful confections to enjoy with one’s beverage.  They sell macarons and pastries that one can sit and enjoy in the warmth and comfort of the café’s inviting atmosphere.  Burdick’s has several locations including in Harvard Square and in Boston right off of Newbury Street.  If you have an L.A. Burdick close to you or find yourself near one, I highly recommend that you step in and sip some of their tasty hot chocolate to ward off the winter chill.



(I typically order the small because the hot chocolate is very rich)

Waffles – Dessert for Breakfast

Tucked on a corner in Harvard Square is a delicious little waffle place known as Zinneken’s.  Serving delicious waffles topped with any treat your heart could imagine, it truly does have “the best Belgian waffles” (Zinneken’s).  Start with a Liège waffle (also known as a Belgian Sugar waffle), add fresh fruit with Nutella or ice cream with chocolate sauce or a combination that will tickle your tastebuds.  For a divine touch, add some whipped cream and let your tongue travel to Belgium.  With a cozy atmosphere, decorations that pay homage to their Belgium heritage, and tasty beverages (hot or cold) to compliment your waffle, Zinneken’s is a great place for all ages and perfect for anytime of the day (I prefer to have my waffles for brunch or as a post-dinner snack).


♥ Elle

(for a preview, check out my picture above – a Liège waffle with strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream on the side)

It was a stormy night…

     The inky sky was streaked with silver as lightning shot into the foaming waves.  The ship tossed and turned, the bow creaking as it was thrust down to the waves yet again.  Sea water crashed onto the deck and sprinted across the boards, searching for a way into the cabin.  Foaming tendrils peered between the boards and fear began to creep around the sailors.  Rushing above deck, they knew what they had to do…