Waffles – Dessert for Breakfast

Tucked on a corner in Harvard Square is a delicious little waffle place known as Zinneken’s.  Serving delicious waffles topped with any treat your heart could imagine, it truly does have “the best Belgian waffles” (Zinneken’s).  Start with a Liège waffle (also known as a Belgian Sugar waffle), add fresh fruit with Nutella or ice cream with chocolate sauce or a combination that will tickle your tastebuds.  For a divine touch, add some whipped cream and let your tongue travel to Belgium.  With a cozy atmosphere, decorations that pay homage to their Belgium heritage, and tasty beverages (hot or cold) to compliment your waffle, Zinneken’s is a great place for all ages and perfect for anytime of the day (I prefer to have my waffles for brunch or as a post-dinner snack).


♥ Elle

(for a preview, check out my picture above – a Liège waffle with strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream on the side)


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