The Path

Stepping out of herself, her soul peeled off the constrictive layers of commitments, the restrictive layers of responsibilities, and tossed aside the weights that had been pressing her shoulders towards the ground.  Leaving those layers behind, she set out onto the shady path.  Accompanied by her worries, fears, and passions, she opened her eyes to the beauty surrounding her.  Pausing to take in a breath of fresh air, she opened the doors to her mind.  First came her worries, they marched into her mind and scaled the walls of her brain.  As they reached the top, they began to lose momentum.  With another exhale, the worries were eased and slipped out the door.  Next came her fears.  They busted through the doors and pointed their firearms at her hopes.  Without raising a finger, she allowed them to open fire.  Soon, her hopes were riddled with bullet holes, but they remained standing.  As she took another breath, the fears slinked out the back, their heads bowed and their weapons empty.  Last but not least, her passions entered her mind.  Closing the doors behind them, they began to fill her head with vibrant colors.  They swept up the shrapnel, dusted off the scuff marks, and began to incorporate her pain into a mural that coated her mind.  As she took another breath, the mural came to life and her mind was once again calm.  A smile appeared upon her face, her eyes sparkled, and she took another step along the quiet and peaceful path.


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