Sweet Bakery

For a confection from heaven stop by one of Sweet’s bakeries.  From a variety of incredible flavors such as a zesty Pink Lemonade, a nostalgic Blueberry Pancake, and a delicious Vegan Chocolate to their miniature counterparts this bakery can certainly satisfy your cupcake cravings.  And the icing on the cake?  Well it’s actually frosting.  For 50 cents you can purchase a frosting shot.  Pictured above (on the right), a frosting shot is perfect for all of us who want to envelop their tongue and fill their mouth with a creamy vanilla, chocolate, or cappuccino buttercream frosting without any pesky cake getting in the way.  They are ideal for the moment when you want just a taste of something sweet without eating an entire cupcake.  For a delicious cupcake or frosting shot, stop by one of Sweet’s several locations and give into your cupcake cravings.



(One of my personal favorites when I’m in a cupcake mood is the Dark Chocolate with sprinkles – pictured above)


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