The Whisper


With each turn and every crack in the wooden paneling, her eyes darted into the dark crevices.  An inky black bloomed on the other side of the wall.  Tightening her grip on the crumbling slip of paper clutched between her fingers, she tiptoed forwards.  As she took another step forward, she tripped over what appeared to be a small rock.  Upon further examination she discovered it was a piece of her sanity.  She looked forward and found another shard.  Following the pieces she picked them up and assembled them into their original form, but she couldn’t seem to find the last one.  She opened her palm and spread out the crinkled piece of paper, hoping to find the missing shard.  Instead she found a message scrawled out in her handwriting.  “When you listen to the whispers of your heart, your mind will be redirected in the pursuit your dreams.  Listen to the whispers.”


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