Sunlight flits between the fenceposts and darts across the sidewalk, leaving a trail of shadows in its wake.  As the twilight looms closer and closer, the shadows take on forms of their own.  Twisting and growing with the setting sun, they transform into monsters.  Creatures of the night, they peel themselves off of the sidewalk and begin their evening rounds.  They roam the streets, jumping in front of children or hiding behind trees.  They flow effortlessly from shape to shape as they mimic those of the ones around them.  As the sun dips below the horizon and the last rays fade into an inky black, the shadows blend into the night.  No longer constrained by light, they rejoice in the darkness and celebrate until sunrise.



Love and Roses

“Love is like the wild-rose briar;

Friendship is like the holly-tree.

The holly is dark when the rose briar blooms,

But which will bloom most constantly?”

~Emily Brontë

The Race

There is a moment when your fingers reach for the keyboard and the electricity crackles.  A rogue spark flies from the keys and ignites yours fingers.  The electrifying feeling travels up your arms and into your mind.  Igniting your passion, it unlocks the door to your imagination.  Exposing your soul to the world, the words flow through your fingers, filling the blank page.  The words come so quickly that your keyboard can barely keep up with your mind as each word sprints onto the screen.

The story is like running a marathon, but going full speed the whole time.  Your mind is sweating and your fingers are pounding across the keyboard.  Your soul, baring itself to the world, tucks its worries behind and stares intently at the finish line.  Your imagination lets your creation run its course, and as the loose ends are tied up, the sparks subside and the story comes to a close.  Your fingers relax, your soul closes the door, and while there is no trophy, your illuminating smile is reward enough.  For now, the race is over.

Breakfast for Dinner

Some nights there is nothing more that I want than breakfast food for dinner.  While crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and pancakes drenched in syrup often conjure up images of lazy Saturday mornings with the family still in pajamas or Sunday brunch surrounded by friends; it also stirs up memories of chilly winter nights and warm kitchens aglow with laughter as pancakes are flipped and eggs are cracked.  For me, breakfast for dinner can comes in the form of a buttered slice of toast slicing into a still runny yolk surrounded in a fried egg white.  Nestled among a smattering of hash browns and sliced cherry tomatoes, it is often accompanied by a slice of bacon and topped with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Other times, I’ll craft the perfect waffles or pancakes stuffed with unsweetened shredded coconut and blueberries, strawberries, or chocolate chips.  They’re then topped with fruit and syrup or whipped cream.  Be it savory or sweet, breakfast for dinner is a tasty treat that can incorporate any number of delicious foods and satisfy any number of cravings.  It is comfort food at its best

Four Princesses

Once upon a time in a land far far away,

in a wonderfully magical kingdom,

as one might say.


Lived four young princesses

who wore four gorgeous gowns

and had silky tresses beneath their crowns.


Each young lady had a unique power,

a talent of sorts,

they practiced each night in their tower.


The eldest, Endora,

could grow

or could shrink,

and found it quite fun to swim in the sink.


Next came Lorelai,

who could move air,

and found it quite helpful when braiding her hair.


Then there was Seraphina,

who love the forest creatures,

and could talk to them

when they came out to meet her.


And last but not least,

was the youngest named Mandy

whose ability to become a mermaid,

left her perpetually sandy.


Each princess loved her power

and knew to use theirs for good

lest they turn sour.


With love in their hearts,

they would set out towards town,

to use their powers,

to right any frowns.

Pavement Coffeehouse

When I took my first sip from a steaming mug of chai latte, I fell in love with Pavement.  When I took my first bite of their chocolate chip cookie later that afternoon, I tumbled head over heels for its perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie.  I have found a new love, a new coffeehouse to frequent, and a place where I can eat delicious sandwiches, salads, soups, or baked goods, and of course the delectable chocolate chip cookie.  A cafe with free wifi, a variety of seating options, and smiling baristas, it has quickly become my off-campus escape.  So if you’re ever nearby one of their locations, stop in and let your tastebuds waltz with chocolate chip cookies or a thick slice of banana bread and tango with a mug of cocoa, tea, or coffee.


♥ Elle Wintringham

Young Love

Here’s a little piece inspired by Valentine’s Day


There are three words often uttered on Valentine’s Day and he couldn’t believe they had come true.  He wanted to shout it from the top of the tower and let it travel along the cool breeze.  He wanted to tell everyone he saw on the ground.  He wanted to run around and spread the news, but he knew he had to play it cool so he returned to his friends with just a smug smile to accompany his new swagger.

There is a four word question uttered by romantics everywhere and she was so happy it had crossed his mind.  She wasn’t sure if he had seen her silly smiles or listened to her friends.  She was afraid he wouldn’t ask her and was on the brink of storming over to talk with him, when he came up to her.

When you’re young, feelings are simple, emotions run high, and actions aren’t as affected by social expectations.  So when he met her on the playground and popped the question, she was ready.  Five minutes later, the friends had been gathered, and the wedding was performed by a trusted sibling of hers.  It was a quick and simple ceremony.  She tucked a daisy behind her ear since she wanted to look nice, and he played along, but he refused to hold hands or kiss.  You see, he still believed in cooties.  When it was over, they didn’t go on a honeymoon, and when the bell rang all was forgotten.  After all, recess was over and as all kindergarteners know, recess weddings are only pretend.

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