The Garden

Bumblebees meander their way around the garden, buzzing as they brushed along the flower petals in search of pollen.  Butterflies flit in and out of the sunflowers’ shadows as they look for the perfect place to pause and perch, basking in the sunlight.  An iridescent shimmer flickers in the light, indicating a dragonfly has passed over the roses.

Petals open towards the sun, showing off their vibrant colors as they soak up the rays. Small emerald buds poke between leaves and reach up to join the other blossoms.  Hydrangeas brace themselves against the wind and the daylilies sway in breeze.  A few orange petals break off and are flown off until they are released in a nearby stream and catch on a nearby rock.

As the birds break out in song, chattering among the treetops, the photographer presses her eye to the viewfinder.  Zooming out, she presses the button and captures the moment; freezing in time the bumblebees, the butterflies, the flowers, the tiny buds, the wayward petals, and even the speedy dragonfly.  The moment becomes immortalized, to live on forever in pixels, print, and in her memory.  Everytime the image is seen, it brings the garden back to life, transporting viewers to this magical place.


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