Cookie Monstah

Its that time of the year! Baseball season has kicked off, the streets are decorated with Red Sox gear and sandals begin strolling across sidewalks.  People begin buying lemonade instead of hot chocolate and ice cream instead of baked goods.  Why not have both?  Have your ice cream and your cookie too!  With the Cookie Monstah food truck back for another finger-licking season, you can have it all.

While the Cookie Monstah is known best for their magic in the kitchen when it comes to concocting delicious cookies, they are the kings of the ice-cream sandwich.   For those bold enough to try a sandwich they will need two hands to hold, grab a handful of napkins and get ready.  For those who still want to relish in the experience without ice cream dripping between their fingers, go for a cookie and ice-cream in a cup.  Delicious together, this is a tasty summer treat to cool your tastebuds and satisfy your sweet tooth.


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