Create Magic

Much like the ones they’d read about in fairytales and in the worn, leather-bound books stacked in the turret room, they had created their own Hidden Palace.  Within the confine of the turret room, a magical kingdom was created.  It was a place where they could while away the hours with their friends and travel together to a place far away in their imaginations.  In that room, dreams were born, witches cast spells,and dolls and stuffed animals alike sprung to life.  It was a place where creativity blossomed under the sunshine of imagination and fed with the waters of eternal bliss.

Every day they climbed the spiraling staircase up to the room encased in windows and embellished with window seats, blankets, and pillows galore.  With each step the excitement grew as their ideas bubbled over and began to take on lives of their own.  By the time their fingers reached for the worn brass knob they were already slipping away into their imaginations.  Perhaps they would fight dragons and rescue mermaids.  Maybe they would visit the trolls who lived under the bridge or bake gingerbread houses for homeless witches (but only the nice ones).  There were so many possibilities that even if they couldn’t do it all in an afternoon they could always continue tomorrow.  For tomorrow is always full of endless opportunities.


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