As the snowflakes begin their annual descent to mark the true start of winter, they begin to free fall from the clouds.  As they dance along each gust of wind, they grow bolder, embracing their unique shapes.  When they come in for a landing, they slide onto the grass and grasp the blades tightly, desperate to remain.  Layer after layer coats the ground as the flakes tuck themselves between each other, snuggling in for the long haul.

The snow continues to fall, the sky remains gray, branches sway in the breeze, and a sense of peace envelopes the area.  As the drifts grow taller, faces begin peering out the window and spots of red, blue, pink, orange, black, and green appear outside as tiny heads bob in and out.  Balls are rolled around yards, tiny shovels work tirelessly to create a dent in the snow.  Soon forts emerge and snowmen dot the neighborhood.  One wears a purple scarf and a gold tiara.  Another sports a cape and chocolate chips for eyes, and a third wears a lopsided felt top hat dusted with snow.  Each sports a crooked smile and a carrot nose that will soon become snack for nearby squirrels.

As the rosy-cheeked faces trudge back inside and snowblowers are returned to garages, families gather in front of the fireplace.  Hot chocolate in hand, they warm their frozen limbs and share their days.  As the tales unfold, snowmen transform into monsters, bunny tracks become those of a yeti, and forts become foxholes on a bullet-ridden battlefield.  In the cozy glow of the fire, exhaustion sets in and  tiny eyelids flutter shut. As the last few snowflakes float to the ground, little ones are tucked under the covers to dream about their snowy adventures.



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