Young Love

Here’s a little piece inspired by Valentine’s Day


There are three words often uttered on Valentine’s Day and he couldn’t believe they had come true.  He wanted to shout it from the top of the tower and let it travel along the cool breeze.  He wanted to tell everyone he saw on the ground.  He wanted to run around and spread the news, but he knew he had to play it cool so he returned to his friends with just a smug smile to accompany his new swagger.

There is a four word question uttered by romantics everywhere and she was so happy it had crossed his mind.  She wasn’t sure if he had seen her silly smiles or listened to her friends.  She was afraid he wouldn’t ask her and was on the brink of storming over to talk with him, when he came up to her.

When you’re young, feelings are simple, emotions run high, and actions aren’t as affected by social expectations.  So when he met her on the playground and popped the question, she was ready.  Five minutes later, the friends had been gathered, and the wedding was performed by a trusted sibling of hers.  It was a quick and simple ceremony.  She tucked a daisy behind her ear since she wanted to look nice, and he played along, but he refused to hold hands or kiss.  You see, he still believed in cooties.  When it was over, they didn’t go on a honeymoon, and when the bell rang all was forgotten.  After all, recess was over and as all kindergarteners know, recess weddings are only pretend.

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