Four Princesses

Once upon a time in a land far far away,

in a wonderfully magical kingdom,

as one might say.


Lived four young princesses

who wore four gorgeous gowns

and had silky tresses beneath their crowns.


Each young lady had a unique power,

a talent of sorts,

they practiced each night in their tower.


The eldest, Endora,

could grow

or could shrink,

and found it quite fun to swim in the sink.


Next came Lorelai,

who could move air,

and found it quite helpful when braiding her hair.


Then there was Seraphina,

who love the forest creatures,

and could talk to them

when they came out to meet her.


And last but not least,

was the youngest named Mandy

whose ability to become a mermaid,

left her perpetually sandy.


Each princess loved her power

and knew to use theirs for good

lest they turn sour.


With love in their hearts,

they would set out towards town,

to use their powers,

to right any frowns.


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