The Race

There is a moment when your fingers reach for the keyboard and the electricity crackles.  A rogue spark flies from the keys and ignites yours fingers.  The electrifying feeling travels up your arms and into your mind.  Igniting your passion, it unlocks the door to your imagination.  Exposing your soul to the world, the words flow through your fingers, filling the blank page.  The words come so quickly that your keyboard can barely keep up with your mind as each word sprints onto the screen.

The story is like running a marathon, but going full speed the whole time.  Your mind is sweating and your fingers are pounding across the keyboard.  Your soul, baring itself to the world, tucks its worries behind and stares intently at the finish line.  Your imagination lets your creation run its course, and as the loose ends are tied up, the sparks subside and the story comes to a close.  Your fingers relax, your soul closes the door, and while there is no trophy, your illuminating smile is reward enough.  For now, the race is over.


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