The City

The city pulses with life.  Car horns sing at intersections, harmonizing with the sirens of ambulances whose flashing lights create a disco effect as the sun begins to set.  The birds chatter in the trees and along the telephone wires, gossiping about the people passing by.  A woman tiptoes between puddles and battles the evening breeze for custody of her umbrella.

A sweet rain drizzles over the streets and washes the dirt into the storm drains.  The raindrops pound into the rooftops, chanting “spring is coming, spring is coming.”  Perking up in the warm rain, the grass begins to regain hope in a long, vibrant life.  The city is refreshed.

As twilight approaches, the city rises and falls with the evening breeze.  The moon prepares for its grand entrance.  Gliding out from wings, it pushes away the clouds.  A spotlight illuminates the moon and its light washes over the city.  One by one, office buildings turn out their lights and not long after, apartment buildings welcome their residents home.  Families sit down to dinner, students emerge from piles of textbooks, and the corner bars come alive.  The city continues to pulse, this time in rhythm with the music that echoes from nightclub to cafe to restaurant.  The music blends with the conversation flowing throughout the city as the nightlife stretches out and prepares for another wild night.


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