Perched on the corner of Belmont and Holworthy Street is a delicious Middle Eastern eatery that creates a delectable variety of sweet confections and savory delights.  Serving every food from breakfast treats to lunches to dips to desserts, this bakery will always be a favorite of mine.

Sofra’s cozy atmosphere radiates from the heart of the bakery, the kitchen.  Aromas of tasty treats being made, wander out to mingle with the sounds of chatter and laughter, as smiles spread across the room.  Tastebuds tango with beet tzatziki, waltz with orange blossom lemonade, and tiptoe across earthquakes (a yummy chocolate cookie with powdered sugar).  Maybe they samba with stuffed flatbreads or jive with Persian spice donuts.  Whatever they fancy, they will be happy with the wide selection of choices and fare. So, treat yourself to lunch or meet your friends for brunch.  Indulge, explore, and try something new.

Happy wandering,

♥ Elle

The image above is a collection of dips from Meze Bar and they’re some of my personal favorites(from top, clockwise:Muhammara, Beet Tzatziki, Whipped Feta, & Hot Pepper Labne).


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