Continue the Fight

     Live to fight another day echoed through her mind, bouncing off misplaced anecdotes and long-forgotten memories.  Tying her sneakers, she pulled the laces tight, tucked an earbud into each ear, and stepped out the door.  As she reached the sidewalk, she pulled on her hood and disappeared into the crowd.

The beautiful thing about the city, is the anonymity.  Stepping in time with the music, she let the city’s chaos wash over her.  As the music reached a crescendo, a smile tiptoed across her face and the sparkle returned to her eyes.  She began to notice the beauty around her.  She was reminded of the charming disarray that had lured her to the city in the first place.  She realized she had become a part of the bustling, humming, thriving collection of identities, lost souls, shadows, and stars that made up the city.  She could blend in or stand out, it was her choice, it was her time.

Not every fight will be this easy.  Not every bad day will be so simply solved.  And yet, looking out at the stars, neon lights, and apartment buildings smattered with lit windows, I have a found a home in this city.  I am ready to make my mark.  I am ready to live to fight another day.  Rolling over, she turned off her light, pulled up the covers, and let sleep whisk her away for the night.



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