Spring Showers and Summer Storms

Raindrops free-fall from the clouds and slide off rooftops as they catapult to the ground.  Hurling themselves at the treetops and crashing into quivering blades of grass, they surf the breeze and leap into potholes.  As they coat windshields and cover umbrellas, they wash away layers of pollen.

Rain boots dart in and out of puddles. Raincoats become decorated with a smattering of droplets arranged into peculiar shapes that slide away as quickly as they came.  Raindrops quiver on the tips of hoods, only to drop down and careen down noses as they leap towards the ground.  Always reaching for the ground they streamline their descent.  A barrage of water throws itself to the ground.  Thunder rumbles in the distance as the rain falls faster, harder, excited at the prospect of a full blown storm.

The air comes alive as nature’s adrenaline kicks in, crackling with electricity, a shot of white light streaks across the city.  Not long after, thunder mumbles as it moves into town.  Trailing after the lightening, it grumbles and moans about always being left behind.  The rain feeds off the growing discontent,  lining up in sheets of water that sprint across the city.  The tension grows and this time the lightening strikes closer than before.  Watching it touch down, the thunder races to catch up, roaring with all of its might.  Windows rattle, wind howls outside, like a cat begging to come in out of the rain.

Drenched, people dash inside, the water pouring off of them in droves.  Umbrellas are shaken out, raincoats hung over the tub, boots stacked by the door and dripping hands reach for the linen closet.  As soaked clothes are tossed in the dryer, sweatpants are pulled over cold legs, and fluffy socks cover freezing toes.  Eyes peer out the window, staring at the once cracked earth now speckled with puddles.  Flowers drowning in the pooling water bow their heads, giving into the wind.  Smiling at each other, they laughed.  You’d never know it was the end of June and that the day before they had spent it poolside, catching rays.

As quickly as it had come, the lightening dashed out of town,  the thunder followed suit and soon, the rumbles faded out of earshot.  As the sun poked its head out from behind a cloud, the rain sprinted after the thunder, not wanting to be left behind.  The rays shone bright and a rainbow stretched across the sky.  Apart from the puddles beginning to dry, and the steam rising off of the pavement, the rainbow was the only evidence of the battle in the sky.

Sweats became shorts and raincoats were traded for t-shirts as rain boots were tugged back on and the people flooded out of the buildings, happy to enjoy the sunshine once again.  So even when you have a rough day, just remember there’s always a rainbow after the storm.

♥ Elle


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