Cup of Tea

Whistling and singing at the top of its lungs, the tea kettle screams for attention as flames lick the bottom.  Steam streams out of the spout, desperate to escape and disappear into the surrounding air.  The water in the kettle fills with bubbles and they begin to tango together as the temperature rises.  Desperate to stop the shrieking melody echoing through the kitchen, she pulls a mug out of the cabinet.  Reaching into the drawer next to the stove, her fingers waltz along the boxes of tea.  Knowing each tea tells a story, evokes an emotion, she thinks carefully about her decision.

You see, each tea has its own personality, qualities that separate it from those around it.  Currently, the drawer’s resident wild-child is a violet-hued passionfruit tea that begs to be soaked in a cup of steaming water.  Steeping quickly, it turns the water a vibrant blend of magenta and violet as the other flavors become exposed.  Embracing the ideas of inclusion, peace of mind, and love for everyone, it is paired best with an adventure novel read in a window seat as rain pours down outside.  Given the sun shining outside and a recently finished tale of adventure, she moves on.  Dancing her fingers along the boxes, she pauses next at a collection of tea bags claiming rejuvenating powers and antioxidants.  Their bold logo and lengthy list of abilities boasts a know-it-all attitude and a pushy personality who wants to solve every problem on their own.  Feeling positive and ailment free, she continues onward.  The next box is in hues of inky blues and is decorated with the moon and stars.  In script, the words chamomile and sweet mint tiptoe across the packaging.  Whispering, it beckons to her, inviting her to take a sip which will then be followed by a peaceful nap curled up under a blanket so soft, it feels as though she is sleeping in a cloud.  No, not today, she decided. I’m not sleepy, so what’s next?  With two teas left in the drawer, there weren’t many options left.

The next tea is nestled in a simple white container with a bold type across the top.  Without boasting, it explains its ingredients in the simplest of terms.  Black tea.  A basic tea, still saturated with caffeine, stares out at her.  Knowing  the beauty in its simplicity, it understands its role as the motivator.  Often grabbed during hurried mornings as she dashes out the door afraid of being late, the tea kickstarts her mornings and provides solace within chaos.  Since she had survived the morning and was looking to have a relaxing afternoon, she moved on to the final tea in the drawer.  In a prim, pale blue box with a navy and gold emblem, similar to a royal seal, perches the Earl Grey tea.  Perfectly proper with a strong flavor, it uses nothing but the best ingredients and magnificent grammar.  Matched with with her favorite novel by Charlotte Bronte, it excels in afternoons on the worn leather couch, rereading old favorites, and nibbling on slices of fruit or chocolate chip cookies.  Reaching for a bag, she tore open the paper wrapping, and dropped the bag into the mug, which she promptly filled with boiling water.  Giving it time to steep, she pulled a book off the shelf, tugged her favorite blanket tighter around her, and drifted off into the plot of her favorite novel.


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