Everlasting Flame

Deep inside the caverns of the mind

Flickers an everlasting flame.

Illuminating every corner and crevice

It exposes every thought and worry.

Fear casts shadows on the wall,

Monsters grow,

Anxieties take flight,

and the worrisome wind threatens to extinguish the flame.

Wavering slightly,

It remains.

Not even the tearful rain can put out the light.

Tiny but mighty,

it remains.

Perched upon a candle created with dreams,

and burning the wick of desire,

It remains.

Lit by the match carved by passion and sparked with possibility,

Hope will always remain.

Even when darkness falls

and the leaves of confidence fall off the trees,

It remains.

Even when sadness consumes the soul,

and despair floods the mind,

And the tiny flame seems so dim;

it remains.

The life-force we live by,

The light we use to set fire to our creativity,

The voice that nudges us to take a chance,

The slightly irritating feeling that pushes us to do more,

That ever-present encouragement that demands to take charge,

Always remains.

Though sometimes it may seem hard to find,

Though it can tint the way we view the world,

It is there to drive us forward.

It is there to reveal that the monsters in our minds are nothing more than shadows.

A reminder of the zest for life.

It remains to light the way and guide our souls in pursuit of our dreams.


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