My Hiatus

So for those of you who have been following along, you may have noticed that I had taken a blogging hiatus.  Between the end of classes, finals, and volunteering at commencement, I’ve had a whirlwind couple of weeks. That said, here’s what I’ve taken away from this time off

The trees had popped, birds began waking me up each morning with their favorite tunes, and the flowers bloomed with the intent of outlasting the ocasionally chilly evening.  It was official, spring had sprung and summer was hot on its heels.  Temperatures were climbing and layers were left behind in dorm rooms as the semester drew to a close.  As t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted, exams were finished and the semester was over.  I said my goodbyes as my friends moved out one by one, until there were two of us left on campus.

As the two of us discussed the past year, we helped each other pack up and say our temporary goodbyes to the city.  We wandered through our neighborhood, snagged desserts from our favorite haunts, and created endless lists of summer plans to reunite us throughout the gap between semesters.  We kicked up dust on the sidewalk, our flip flops slapping along the pavement, as we realized the home we had made ourselves in the city.  The city had made its mark on us as we had made our mark in the city.  We had found our go-to coffee shop, dessert hot spots, and the best places to people-watch.  As we took in the chaos humming throughout our beloved home, we couldn’t imagine a better place to spend the next three years.  Here’s to many more posts reviewing tasty treats, favorite recipes, quotes to live by, and glimpses into my imagination as I venture into the summer and the next three years.




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