Otto’s Pizza

For me, summer’s about lazy dinners, nights out with friends, and catching up over lunch on the weekend.  This means trying new foods, and finding new twists on old favorites.  A tried and true favorite of many?  Pizza.  Everyone has their preferred toppings, be it meat, various cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and more.  My favorite is a white pizza with mashed potatoes, bacon, and scallion.  While it sounds far-fetched, it’s actually quite delicous and amazing combination of flavors.  Another personal favorite is pizza topped with tortellini.  Both of these delectable concoctions can be found at one of Otto’s several locations around Boston or even their location in Portland, Maine.

Otto’s is slowly expanding their list of locations as their pizza becomes a favorite of many.  For those who just want a piece, head on in and pick from a variety of pizzas ready and waiting.  Happy to warm them up for you, Ottos will supply you with an amazing blend of flavors atop a warmed and tasty crust.  The slices are large and can easily fill a plate so if you’re unable to finish or are on the run, they can put them in a bag for you.  Otto’s also sells by the pie, select from a yummy variety on their menu and prepare for a delicious meal.  Whatever pizza you choose, Ottos is sure to keep your tastebuds happy and intrigued as you explore a whole new world of pizza topping combinations from butternut squash, ricotta and cranberry to pulled pork and mango and classics like cheese or sausage and vidalia onion.


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