Keep Your Head Above Water

“Just keep swimming”




Inner Tube


~Quotation Courtesy of Curly Girl Design by Leigh Standley

~Photo Taken by Me


The Ocean’s Way

The waves roll in, chasing the rays of afternoon sun up the beach.  Hermit crabs skuttle along the ocean floor and crabs peer out from between blades of seagrass.  As the clouds drift across the sky, the breeze meanders across the sand.  Having tossed her worries into her tote, she leaves them on the shore and wades into the waves.  Climbing aboard a canvas raft she floats out just a little farther.  With each ray of sunshine, she warms up and her troubles melt into the ocean around her.  Embracing the peace surrounding her she returns to shore and reaches for a book to keep her company on the sand, but as her hand reaches into her bag, the book becomes entangled with her reality.  Reminded her of her worries, she wishes to return to a state of bliss.  However, this time when she returns to her concerns, an ocean-induced sense of peace readjusts her stress and introduces a new perspective.  Refreshed and ready to move with the tide of what’s to come, she packs up her bag, and steps off the beach into reality.

Revere Rides for the Revolution

A nod to Independence Day from one of my favorite poems: Paul Revere’s Ride 

“One if by land, and two if by sea;

and I on the opposite shore will be,

Ready to ride and spread the alarm

Through every Middlesex village and farm,

For the country-folk to be up and to arm.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow