Vicki Lee’s

Today I had a craving for eggs.  Well, the term craving really doesn’t do my feelings justice.  This morning, I woke up and all I could think about were two fluffy eggs that were cooked to perfection.  I could picture the yolks bursting and running all over the toast.  They would swirl with the hollandaise sauce and transform into a deliciously soupy concoction that would wake up my still sleepy taste buds.  I could almost taste the eggs Benedict from one of my favorite cafes.

Vicki Lee’s in Belmont, Massachusetts serves an amazing brunch on the weekends as well as tasty breakfast and lunch fare. They also serve indulgent desserts that always beckon to me from the gleaming display counter.  I often end up taking one to go since I can’t resist the yummy treats.  Vicki Lee’s is a bright and cheery cafe that’s great for popping in for a midday snack or meeting up with friends for a fabulous meal.  So stop by, enjoy, and try any of their egg dishes for a tasty breakfast.  I recommend the eggs Benedict.

♥ Elle



Three Girls in a Suite

It was the first Friday night and all through the suite,

all the girls were quiet, not even a peep.

Headphones were in and laptops glowed bright,

telling tales of assignments to be put off that night.

When the clock struck eight, laptops were closed,

and they turned around and plans were proposed.

Makeup was applied, clothes were picked out,

and in front of the mirror stood three knockouts.

Armed with dazzling smiles and mascara clad eyes,

they were ready for any surprise.

Stepping out of the dorm, they laughed while crossing the street,

and rumbling stomachs sent them for something to eat.

After some food, they were ready to paint the town red,

and at two in the morning they all came home to bed.

Home of the Soul

“We are quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound… our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass. We live in music, in a flash of color… we live on the wind and in the sparkle of a star!”

~Endora (Bewitched)