The Unseen

“Today, to him gazing south with a new-born need stirring in his heart, the clear sky over their long low outline seemed to pulsate with promise; today the unseen was everything.  The unknown the only real fact in life.”

~ Kenneth Grahame (The Wind in the Willows)



Night Comes Alive

Ready for bed and fearing the wrath of what was to come, the sun rolled over the horizon and turned out the light.  Dusting on its final coat of luminescent powder, the moon slid into the spotlight.  Grabbing a pair of binoculars, the man in the moon turned to face earth.  He couldn’t wait to see how the evening unfolded.

As dusk turned into night and the sky became an inky black, staining the sidewalk with shadows and cast its dark rays into every nook and cranny it could reach.  Slowly and then in droves, they poured out onto the streets.  Doorways lit up and candy wrappers rustled in the breeze that was slinking down the street.  Tiny vampires and zombies flooded the streets.  Fairies flitted from home to home and mummies slowly unraveled, leaving a trail from house to house.  Princesses, knights, and warriors took to the candy bowls whiles ghosts and bats swapped chocolate.  Eventually little feet slowed down, bags grew heavy, and lights turned off one by one.

As the witching hour grew near and clouds covered the moon, new costumes appeared.  Trick-or-treat bags nowhere in sight, laughter rings out, and the buildings pulse with sounds of eerie music.  Dancing and laughter echo down the streets and a small black cat darted between the trees.  Everything but her eyes disappeared into the wild, untamed bush at the corner.  Watching superheros, skeletons, and animals prance by, she waited for the evening to pass.  In the quiet moments she watched spirits pass through the veil between the living and the dead.  She saw ghosts cry out to one another as they took form.  She saw the shadows come alive, peeling themselves off the sidewalk and reaching for those walking about.  She saw two worlds overlap on one night.

As the night grew into dawn, the sunrise washed the sidewalk with a golden light.  The moon collected all of the shadows, the man in the moon put away his binoculars, and they sailed away.  The sun continued to rise and the veil between life and death grew opaque, separating the two worlds once again.  Emerging from the bush, the inky cat slipped onto the sidewalk, and trotted home, her glowing eyes flickered with the memories of the night.