All the “To Dos”

     Some mornings require tea. Others require caffeine. Rare days require both. Poison of choice? The strongest black tea to get the job done.  Tea in one hand, pen in the other, the list begins to flow.  Cleaning, errands, tidying, work, and preparations for the celebrations to come.  Bullet point after bullet points shoot down the paper as the tea grows cold, forgotten in the flurry of “to dos.”  The omnious, wish they were already completed to-dos she loved to hate.  Taking a sip of her now cooled tea, she put a few ice cubes into the mug, pulled a smile out of her pocket, and placed her pen on the desk.

     Now, the “to dos” weren’t good at sitting still, each wanted to be chosen first, waving their arms in the air.  Looking at the list she chose to begin with some cleaning and work her way down to errands and preparation.  Cheering, the first to-do lept off the list and into action.  Grabbing the paper towels and cleaning solutions, she sang along to her favorite songs and danced her way through the cleaning.  Checking them off the list, she flew through the tasks.  The to-dos swirled around her in a frenzy of productivity and smiles.  Disappearing one by one, they waved goodbye knowing they would be reunited soon enough.  As the last to-do faded away and the last check was marked on the paper, she looked around at the progress she’d made and grabbed her tea cup.  Heating up a new pot of tea, she grabbed her book, her coziest blanket, and settled into an arm chair for the rest of the afternoon to relax and revel in her favorite protagonist’s latest adventure.


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