Beauty of Spring

The sweet smell of spring tumbles along the breeze, tapping passerby on the shoulder and dancing with the burgeoning buds that add hues of jade and emerald to the once bare tree branches. Trying a tango with the optimistic gardener, it seems to whisper promises of soon-to-bloom gardens and beauty greater than one could imagine.  Lingering for a moment in the newly turned soil, it kisses the ground before taking flight with the wind.

Eager to spread the news of the coming spring this sweet scent slides along the golden rays of sunshine that strokes the hopeful blades of grass.  As it glides along the ground, it tiptoes around the joyful picnickers and leaps over the eager nappers trying to soak up every moment. 

Leaving smiles in its wake, it brings with it a reminder of the beauty in the present.  Perhaps its sweetness is not just from the promise of the coming warmth and lush, revived landscape, but from the opportunity to pause and enjoy the simple beauty that is often overlooked.  As the season turns to spring, take note and share what makes you smile as enjoy the simplicity of a moment.


Dreams and Hope

     After reaching the one year anniversary of sharing my inspiration, creativity, and love of food, my wandering took me off of the computer and out into the world.  Now, I am delighted to say that my compass has pointed me back in this direction.  To mark my return to my fellow misfits, lost souls, and those whose compass finds its own direction I would like to share these words of wisdom with you.

“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming – well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.”

~Amy Tan