For a delectable, artfully formed French pastry, Ladurée is the place where you can drench your tastebuds in raspberry macaron filling, and delight them with a taste of salted caramel.  Personally, I am enraptured by the macaron.  I am intrigued by its delicate shell and rich filling.  I am captivated by the bright colors,  the rich hues of pinks, pastels, caramels, chocolates, and more.  The macaron is an enchanting pastry difficult to master in one’s own kitchen, but perfectly crafted by the artisans known as patisserie chefs.  With innovative and classic flavors, they are responsible for providing us with delightful treats capable of taking our tastebuds along a delightful journey.  So next time you wish you were whisked away to Paris and are lucky enough to have one nearby, step into a Ladurée and try a raspberry macaron, they’re my favorite.

♥Happy wandering ♥


There’s Magic

“Work hard. Do your part. Be kind. And Darling, don’t forget there’s magic.”

~Curly Girl Design